IBM Connections Extension Toolkit (ICXT)

What is ICXT?

In general, ICXT is an asset that is developed and maintained by the IBM Enterprise Social Solutions AppsDev team.

It can be used as:

  • an admin tool for Connections (profiles, backup&restore)
  • an end-user tool for managing Connections content (move&merge, pdf export)
  • a migration tool for supporting several scenarios (Connections merger, Cloud migrations, Carve outs)


Following list provides an overview about features and functions that are provided by ICXT:

  • Find duplicate or faulty user profiles and fix them
  • Find IBM Connections content
  • Backup and restore content
  • Retrieve reports of unused or inactive contents (e.g.: standalone activities that do have only inactive members)
  • Transfer personal files from one profile to another profile
  • Merge Wikis, Blogs, Forums
  • Convert personal files to community files
  • Export Connections content items as PDF
  • Easily manage and assign file library policies to Communities or Profiles
  • Create Communities through a templating API
  • Move on-Premise data to the IBM Connections Cloud
  • Manage files policies: Creation, Read, Update and Deletion (except for system default policies)
  • Assign a files policy to community files libraries, a personal files libraries and wiki libraries


  • IBM WebSphere (for deployment)
  • IBM Connections (as endpoint)
  • Access to an administrative IBM Connections account
  • Access to an administrative WebSphere cell account
  • Database (for storing ICXT application data)

A complete list of requirements is listed here


An user-interface at CONNECIONS_HOST/ic360/ui/index.html provides all functionality available by this tool.


It is recommended to use IBM AutoDeploy for Connections, in order to install this software asset. A detailed guide for installation can be found here


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